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PV Mantra is the Pharmacovigilance arm of Promantra, a specialized Healthcare technology company, serving customers worldwide for over 2 decades. The Pharmacovigilance leadership headed by Dr. Ramesh Padavala, the team has more than 70 years of combined professional experience in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

PV Mantra is equipped with cutting edge technology and infrastructure to cater to the needs in addressing the safety and efficacy of your high quality pharmaceutical products to make sure the patients’ health is always safeguarded and their quality of life is improved.

PV Mantra evaluates the safety of your products using robust databases approved by the health authorities, from the information collected from various resources and supply you periodical reports with detailed analysis for submission to the approving authorities across globe.

Come to PV Mantra and experience quality and superior expertise. PV Mantra will take care of end to end Pharmacovigilance for you, mandatory in all major markets, while your company is focussed on marketing world class products in those regions.
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