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Client Testimonials

Our main success mantra is when we sign a contract, we make our client's vision, "Our Vision". Promantra ensures every project is assigned with a dedicated client relationship manager who the main job is to regularly interact with the client to provide updates, discuss performance, take feedback and deliver quality results.

Accountability is one of the key elements of day to day operations. Each and every team member in Promantra is accountable for the tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to them and these are closely monitored by the management and the client relationship manager working on the projects. This enables us to deliver high performing results.

Below gives you a brief of what our clients think about Promantra and its performance.

Revenue Cycle expertise resulting in 56% increase in revenue:

"Promantra's dedication towards maximizing revenue is clearly evident in our bottom line. The team is focused and always keeps client's vision in mind while performing their day to day operations. This has resulted in our Billing Office experiencing a 56% increase in revenue. These team members are extremely talented in terms of getting the money out from the insurance companies.

Their combination of deep industry knowledge, highly skilled staff and exceptional customer service has made Promantra our "go to" company for Coding and Billing services. They have significantly improved our cash per case from $984 to $1535 which is a 56% increase in revenue from what we realized before Promantra."

(CEO of a Billing Company from Philadelphia)

From a start-up physician office to financially strong physician office:

"It was not an easy task for us to run a physician practice with just 4 physicians. We had a lot of challenges initially when we were trying to do things on our own. We had less focus on patients as we had a lot to do. It was only after we tied up with Promantra to manage our claims and we could focus more on patient care. In no time we were not only a sound and strong physician office but one of the fastest growing physician offices in the locality. Truly this is remarkable and could only be possible because of Promantra and its highly intellectual team."

(Dermatologist from New Jersey)