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Choose Us for Optimal Medical Billing: Your Key to Streamlined Operations and Financial Growth

Promantra is a leading medical billing company, We specialize in outsourced medical billing for physician groups, providing comprehensive medical billing services to optimize revenue and enhance operational efficiency.


Healthcare companies trust us for Revenue Cycle Management Services since 2003


Consistently maintaining AR days below 35 days for all our customers


Our average clean claim rate is greater than 99%


Revenue Recovered After Optimizing RCM Activities

Reduce denials, boost revenue! Contact us to learn how our medical billing experts can support your success.
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Our Medical Billing Services

Entry of Patient Demographics:

Accurately capture patient information crucial for billing, including residence details, Social Security Number, employer information, and comprehensive insurance details, as part of our exceptional medical billing services.

Charge Entry:

Utilize Superbill/Encounter Forms to capture detailed service information, ensuring accurate billing with CPT Codes, ICD Codes, Modifiers, and authorization/referral details, making us the go-to medical billing company for accurate charge entry.

Payment Posting:

Employ EOB/Private Checks or credit card statements to capture and reconcile crucial payment details, promoting efficient financial management as part of our comprehensive medical billing services.

Accounts Receivable and Claims Follow-up:

Conduct comprehensive denials/rejections analysis, manage A/R projects, and implement effective insurance/patient follow-up strategies, ensuring efficient revenue management as part of our medical billing services.

Quality Control Measures:

Verify all entered patient demographics, charges, and payments through rigorous quality checks by both resources and senior quality experts, a testament to our commitment to quality medical billing services.

Payment Posting:

Equip our team with in-depth knowledge of payment systems, including Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third-party liability, workers' compensation, and various insurance regulations, making us a trusted partner for medical billing services.

Strengths of Promantra’s Physician Billing Services

Efficient Turnaround:

Ensure a faster turnaround time for billing processes, a key strength of our medical billing company.

Precision in Coding:

Maintain consistent delivery of accurate coding across diverse medical specialties, showcasing our expertise in outsourced medical billing.

HIPAA Compliance Assurance:

Uphold HIPAA compliance for complete data and document security, ensuring the confidentiality of patient information as part of our medical billing services.

HIPAA Compliance Assurance:

Ensure business continuity and the ability to handle surges in volumes, a testament to our scalability as a medical billing company.

Seamless Data Collaboration:

Establish secure information and data flow between Promantra and our partners, ensuring seamless collaboration in medical billing services.

Robust Networking Infrastructure:

Rely on robust networking software and hardware, including secured VPNs and FTP sites, to safeguard data integrity in our medical billing services.

Uncover the excellence of Promantra's Medical Billing Services

Your trusted partner for efficient, compliant, and patient-centric medical billing services. Explore a realm of streamlined processes, industry compliance, and patient-focused practices, ensuring optimal financial outcomes for healthcare providers. Choose Promantra for a dedicated ally in navigating the complexities of modern healthcare billing.

Client Success Stories

A hospital's aging days reduced from 165 days to 42 days and an additional 9% revenue was collected from 365+ AR amounting to $340K in 90 Days.
A surgery center based out of ldaho saw an increase of 23% in revenue just by fixing eligibility and prior authorization issues.

About Promantra

We are a leading revenue cycle management company with more than two decades of experience in providing RCM services to healthcare companies. We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and a HIPAA Compliant organization.

We have a team of 350+ experienced professionals who help our clients with medical transcription, prior authorization, medical coding, claims and denial management, and revenue recovery challenges every day.

We are a preferred revenue cycle management outsourcing partner for over 100+ RCM companies, hospitals, independent clinics, and LTC (long term care) companies.

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