Underpayment tracking

Insurance Payment Integrity Tracking

Promantra provides Reimbursement Underpayment Tracking methods that help in maximizing reimbursements, decrease payment denials and increase profitability and this will be our prime commitment to each partner-client.

Track your Underpayments and Collect Upto 20% More with Promantra

RevPro – An intelligent tool developed by Promantra helps juxtapose Payors ‘actual reimbursements’ with their ‘contracted rates’. Real time tracking of Payors’ contracts, fee schedules, underpayments and reimbursements from anywhere is the USP of RevPro.

Each component of RevPro is assembled with a purpose that will directly help in accelerating your practice’s revenue cycle. Full data transparency and 24/7 dedicated specialists services are other important features to be noted.

Promantra provides advanced revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions for healthcare practices. Our experienced and certified coders use innovative cloud-based platforms that help in optimizing revenue and cash flow, thus enabling clients to shift concentrate on billable patient care from administrative details.

Contact us today to find out how your practice can benefit from Promantra's Reimbursement Underpayment Tracking System RevPro and our Billing Experts.