RevvPro – The Future of RCM

Leading Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Software

In today’s scenario, the Healthcare Providers are struggling immensely with increased documentation, compliance requirements and lowering reimbursement. Adding to this challenges is there a serious shortage of medical staff in the facilities. There is a dual impact on revenue with facilities missing on getting adequately reimbursed and also having to hire more staff to figure out billing and denials.

The vision of RevvPro™ is to provide transparency to the healthcare providers. Historically healthcare has been an opaque profession. Many physicians leveraged the fact that they are put on a platform to deliver an old style of medical care. With the advent of commercial insurance, the presence of third party clouded the glass of providers access to real information especially when it comes to getting rightly reimbursed. RevvPro aims to solve this issue for the providers.

Facilities are currently using different systems for practice management and EMR/EHR. They can continue to do so if they are comfortable using their current systems. RevvPro sits as a blanket on top of their existing systems and extracts the needed information to provide transparency to the providers. RevvPro is also backed with an experienced RCM staff that works on the facilities existing system on the RCM functions like Eligibility Verification, Transcription, Coding, Billing, Payment Posting, and AR & Denial Management. Every claims is properly tracked right from the first stage till the time it is paid.

All that providers needs to do is dictate on the state of art RevvPro mobile app, approve his documentation and see the money in the bank. Everything else is the process is taken care of by RevvPro, Inc saving at least 2 to 3 hours a day.

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