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Streamline Your Healthcare Payroll Services


Efficient payroll management is the backbone of any successful healthcare organization. Maintaining employee records, processing regular payrolls, and ensuring compliance with complex regulations are essential tasks. Moreover, benefits administration plays a pivotal role in creating a nurturing and supportive work environment for healthcare employees.

At Promantra, we offer comprehensive healthcare payroll services to help you manage your workforce efficiently and ensure employee satisfaction. Our services encompass a wide range of tasks that simplify payroll processing for healthcare companies.


Employee Masters Maintenance

We maintain accurate and up-to-date employee records, ensuring that your employee database is reliable and secure.


Regular Payroll Services

We process payrolls on a regular basis, making sure that your employees are compensated correctly and on time.


Benefits Administration

We handle benefits administration tasks, including the computation and approval of vacation requests, sick requests, paid time off, and bereavement requests. We’re dedicated to ensuring your employees receive the support they deserve.


Payroll Check Processing

We process payroll checks, termination checks, and settlement of benefits for healthcare organizations, offering a hassle-free experience for you and your employees.


Analytic Reports

We provide detailed analytic reports on healthcare payrolls, offering insights into various aspects, including earnings, deductions, hours analysis, workmen’s compensation, payroll cost and variances, and overtime pay.


Merit Rate Increases

We track merit rate increases and promptly flag any abnormal pay raises to home offices.


Statutory & Compliance Services

We manage employee insurance deductions and provide 401(k) census reports. We also handle employee insurance reconciliations and maintain garnishment records.


Tax Reports

Our team takes care of the preparation and submission of essential tax reports, including federal tax, 401(k) electronic filing (PDI), state tax, labor statistics reports, DE6, 941, Tax 20, and workers’ compensation reports.


Year-End W-2 Forms

We issue year-end W-2 forms and handle their electronic filing, ensuring compliance with all year-end reporting requirements.

With Promantra’s healthcare payroll services, you can focus on your core mission of providing exceptional healthcare while we take care of your payroll needs. Our expertise and commitment to accuracy and compliance ensure that your payroll processes run smoothly, benefiting both your organization and your employees.
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