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Elevate Patient Care with ContacPro Patient Relationship Management Software


Navigating the sea of Patient Relationship Management (PRM) software can be a daunting task in today’s healthcare landscape. Many providers still rely on Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms that contain extensive patient information irrelevant to customer support representatives. This often results in frustratingly long wait times for patients seeking information, sometimes stretching into hours due to the absence of a proper PRM solution.


Enter ContacPro: Your All-in-One PRM Solution


ContacPro, a robust Healthcare Patient Relationship Management (PRM) solution, is tailored to accommodate healthcare systems of all sizes. It does not merely manage patient information; it empowers healthcare providers to promptly deliver the information patients seek, whether over the phone or electronically. When ContacPro is deployed within a healthcare facility, a seamless data flow from existing database systems is ensured.

This intelligent solution serves as the vital bridge connecting the Front Office, Physicians, Nurses, Laboratory, Billing, and Finance teams in a healthcare setting. Beyond enhancing customer support, ContacPro also offers robust marketing features, allowing healthcare organizations to promote various programs and grant patients access to their personal data from the comfort of their homes. This not only boosts patient satisfaction but also ensures long-term patient retention.


Key Features of ContacPro PatientRelationship Management Software

Inbound and Outbound Call Management 

Seamlessly handle incoming and outgoing patient calls and coordinate internal hospital departments.

Database Integration 

Effortlessly integrate with existing databases for rapid access to patient information.

Appointment Scheduling 

Schedule laboratory and doctor appointments for patients.

Alerts and Reminders

Set up alerts and reminders to ensure important tasks are never missed.

Customizable Auto Actions

Tailor automation to meet specific needs.

Real-Time Reports

Access real-time team and queue reports to monitor and improve operational efficiency.

Custom Reports

Generate customizable reports that align with your unique requirements.

Support Staff FAQs 

Maintain a list of frequently asked questions to assist support staff in addressing common patient queries.

Organizational Announcements 

Disseminate important announcements across your organization seamlessly.

Staff Education Materials

Provide easy access to staff training materials for continuous improvement.

Marketing Automation 

Utilize marketing automation capabilities to promote healthcare programs effectively.

With ContacPro, you’re not just investing in a Patient Relationship Management system; you’re elevating your patient care capabilities. This versatile software solution empowers healthcare facilities to provide top-tier customer support, streamlining operations, enhancing patient satisfaction, and ensuring that patients’ needs are promptly met
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