HealthCare E-Learning

Healthcare E-Learning Solutions

Promantra customizes solutions that best fit the needs and unique requirements of its clients. We offer high quality and integrated solutions in the healthcare e-learning space. It is very important that healthcare staff constantly upgrades their knowledge in domain existing policies and systems as well as every changing regulations. A sophisticated e-learning solution a must have for the healthcare facilities.

What’s Included in Our healthcare Elearning Solutions:

  • Healthcare knowledge management tools
  • Migration of e-learning solutions to various mobile platforms
  • Simulation of Complex medical procedures
  • Information sharing on multimedia platforms
  • Online assessment tests / Interactive quizzes
  • Social learning
  • Domain specific learning for different functions like sales, operations, human resources etc…
  • Patient education systems for understanding diseases
  • Continuous medical education
  • Training programs that are interactive and that engages
  • Classroom training simulations for medical colleges
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