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Promantra has experience in developing HIPAA complaint Patient Portal and micro sites for patients. Our system not only enables two way communications between patients and providers but also helps providers save time. Promantra can provide custom built Patient Portals based on client specifications.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is emerging as a pivotal solution to drive down costs and enhance patient well-being. Healthcare providers are increasingly recognizing the substantial advantages of offering Remote Patient Monitoring Software to their patients. This innovative approach ensures that patients’ health conditions are constantly monitored, all while they remain in the comfort of their homes. Through connected devices, vital signs flow seamlessly into RPMPro, providing invaluable insights for healthcare providers.

Introducing RPMPro: Your Gateway to Remote Patient Monitoring Excellence

RPMPro stands as a testament to the cutting-edge capabilities of Remote Patient Monitoring Software. It seamlessly integrates with a diverse array of remote monitoring devices available in the market. This flexibility is not only a boon for hospitals but also for Long Term Care facilities, where residents are often over 55 years of age and require continuous, real-time monitoring.

Key Feature of RPMPro

Real-Time Data Collection

RPMPro leverages sophisticated technologies to collect patient data in real time. This wealth of information can be monitored either by your hospital staff or our in-house team of skilled doctors. In the event of any deviation in a patient’s vital signs, RPMPro can promptly alert the patient, their family members, or the connected hospital. This timely intervention can help prevent a deteriorating health situation.

Future of Remote Patient Monitoring

The potential applications of different types of Remote Monitoring Devices are virtually limitless. With the widespread adoption of mobile technologies, smartphones, and Wi-Fi-powered medical devices that monitor basic vital signs, healthcare providers can gain invaluable real-time insights into the health of at-risk or chronic patients. By analyzing this collected data, healthcare facilities can minimize re-admission costs and enhance clinical outcomes.

Collect Essential Data Through RPMPro

RPMPro facilitates the collection of a wide range of critical patient data, including

The Benefits of RPMPro


RPMPro delivers a host of benefits that transform the healthcare landscape, including



Reimagine healthcare with RPMPro, where remote patient monitoring becomes a cornerstone of your patient-centered approach. Contact us today to discover how RPMPro can revolutionize your healthcare practice, decrease costs, and improve patient health, all while delivering superior clinical outcomes.

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