HealthCare QA and Testing Automation

Quality Assurance & Automation

Demand for interoperability, end user compliance, regulatory compliance has been increasing with the evolutions and technological changes. This has in-turn increased the testing of healthcare applications today which involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs.

Promantra has rich experience in testing healthcare applications – through testing automation tools like HP Quality Canter, Selenium and Rational Robot or by using manual testing. Promantra also has strong expertise in multi-platform testing, performance testing, and load testing of healthcare applications.

Promantra’s QA and Test Automation team does testing through various applicable frameworks for automated interoperability with an aim to address the key cost drivers in healthcare application. We accelerate the testing process by providing on-demand simulated IHE Actors (using HP QTP) – especially for HL7 and DICOM transactions, enabling significant time and cost savings.

Promantra’s QA and Test Automation services include:

  • Functional Testing: Testing functional capabilities of healthcare applications, including testing of healthcare workflows across the enterprise (e.g., IHE, HITSP)
  • Conformance Testing: Testing conformance to healthcare industry frameworks and security requirements (e.g., Meaningful Use, HIPAA, FDA requirements, VA requirements)
  • Interoperability Testing: Testing conformance to interoperability standards (e.g., DICOM, HL7, CCD/CDA) by using industry standard testing tools.
  • Medical Imaging Testing: Testing of medical imaging applications including specialized test automation tools for medical imaging (e.g., MESA, DVTK, Mirth)
  • Platform Testing: Testing of applications on mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 8 etc.), and testing applications for cross browser compatibility
  • Load and Performance Testing: Testing enterprise healthcare applications against load and performance benchmarks. Promantra has strong expertise in leveraging cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 for such testing
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