Teleradiology Software – RIS Pro

Cloud Based PACS Software That’s Secure and Robust

RIS Pro (Radiology Information System) developed by Promantra is a cloud based PACS systems that can seamlessly with radiology devices placed at various location. The data from the radiology devices is transferred to the cloud through a connected computer. Promantra gives top priority to Information secretly and has build Teleradiology Software RIS Pro using latest technologies to ensure security of the data stored.

Reports are uploaded from radiology machines via a connected computer or wireless network. The clips, stills, measurements and patient demographics are then transferred to RIS Pro cloud. Teleradiology Software RIS Pro uses the most advanced image compression techniques to ensure loss less image compression of the reports. The information stored in the cloud is stored for seven years and is available for viewing and reporting.

Diagnostic quality versions of all the exams are now accessible by experienced Radiologists located at Promantra. After viewing the exams, Promantra’s Radiologists complete the reports and interpretation and upload it back to the cloud for the Hospital or Clinic to view the final report. Apart from cloud storage, Teleradiology Software RIS Pro also has the ability to Fax or Email the report to Hospital or Clinic based on the requirement.

Security and Confidentially: At Promantra, we employ only the very best in radiology technology. We have a secure virtual private network. RIS Pro’s PACS data is sent only on our secure VPN to the cloud. Our network, technology and infrastructure ensure total security, consistency and confidentiality of the scans that you send to Promantra.

Faster Turnaround Time: Our experienced radiologists can provide expertise preliminary reporting services within a quick turnaround time of less than 20 minutes. We will then upload the reports on a secure FTP. The physicians at your hospital can access the report online and complete the final review of the report.

Quality: At Promantra, we employ only exceptional radiologists who are competent, proficient and experienced in providing high-quality tele-radiology services. We ensure quality assurance at each step of our process, thereby making sure that you receive the best of services.

Reporting: Promantra’s team of Radiologists will audit the Images / Prenatal screening results on a daily basis 24/7/365. The team will also send reconciled daily, weekly and monthly reports to the facilities individually and a consolidated monthly report for all the facilities.

Capability on Multiple Modalities in Tele-Radiology: Our Medical Imaging team includes experienced radiologists interpreting and composing detailed reports for the following:

  • X-rays
  • MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Coronary CTAs
  • Ultrasound
  • Ultra Sonography
  • Nuclear Cardiology
  • Nuclear PET
  • Nuclear Medicine (Molecular Imaging)
  • Dexa Scan
  • Fluoroscopy
  • PET-CT
  • Perfusion/Diffusion MR
  • Nuclear Studies
  • Mammogram services
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • RV Dysplasia
  • Computed Tomography
  • Echocardiography
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