LTCPro™ Long-Term Care Software: Empowering Healthcare Facilities


 Empowering Long-Term Care Facilities


    LTCPro™ is a comprehensive Healthcare Information suite designed to cater to the diverse needs of Long-term Care Facilities. Our suite of applications is carefully crafted to address both the financial and clinical aspects of healthcare management, making it an indispensable tool for the modern healthcare provider.

Financial Solutions with LTCPro™

Accounts Receivable 

Efficiently manage outstanding receivables and streamline your revenue collection process.

Resident Trust

Ensure the proper administration of resident trust funds, maintaining transparency and accountability.

Accounts Payable 

Seamlessly handle your accounts payable, simplifying financial operations.


Accurately process payroll for your staff, ensuring timely and error-free compensation.

General Ledger

Keep track of your financial transactions and maintain a clear overview of your organization’s financial health.

Clinical Solutions with LTCPro™


Streamline the admission, discharge, and transfer processes for your residents.

MDS (Minimum Data Set 2.0)

Ensure timely and accurate MDS assessments, RUGs, and RAPs, optimizing reimbursement.

Physician Order

Simplify the management of physician orders, enhancing patient care coordination.

Medical Records

Digitize your medical records, improving accessibility and efficiency.

Care Plan

Develop comprehensive care plans tailored to each resident’s needs.

Resident Charting 

Maintain detailed resident charts to track their healthcare journey.

Management Dashboards

Gain valuable insights into your facility’s performance with user-friendly dashboards.

The Power of LTCPro™

LTCPro™ is meticulously designed to oversee the fundamental functions of healthcare organizations. From managing patient demographics and face sheets to handling patient billing, accounts receivables, accounts payables, resident trust funds, MDS assessments, care plans, general ledger, resident charting, payroll, and more—LTCPro™ is your all-in-one solution.

Our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) tools are at the forefront of technology and fully HIPAA compliant. They enable the retrieval and export of data to create critical on-demand reports for decision support and State Surveys. LTCPro™ is a powerful ally in optimizing healthcare management costs and maximizing returns on investments in Geriatric Healthcare.

LTCPro™ is your trusted partner in healthcare management, providing the tools and features needed to excel in a rapidly evolving industry. Whether you need to optimize financial operations, streamline clinical workflows, or enhance decision-making, LTCPro™ is here to support your journey towards delivering exceptional long-term care.
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