RCM and LTC Billing Services for Healthcare Providers

Promantra is a premier provider of Healthcare BPO services for RCM and LTC companies. Our objective is to help healthcare organizations succeed in achieving their operational and financial goals. Most importantly our paramount aim is to make your vision our vision. From denial management to medical billing-coding, Promantra has experience in meeting various IT requirements of Healthcare providers. Our industry and domain knowledge, gathered over a decade, enable us to provide apt solutions to clients’ challenges and enhance their strengths by acting as their extended arm. 

Promantra today offers a wide variety of services to:

  • Companies providing medical Billing services to Hospitals and Physician Practices across specialties
  • Long Term Care facilities like Skilled Nursing facilities, Home Health, Assisted Living and Hospice
  • Long Term Care Pharmacies

Promantra is a medical billing-coding specialist providing IT software solutions to Billing companies and LTC facilities. Over the last decade, we have built state of the art technology solutions that fulfills the needs of the healthcare industry.


Below is the list of services that we offer:

Solutions for RCM Companies:

Eligibility verification
Medical billing-coding
Medical billing services
RCM & Billing services
AR & Claims follow-up
Denial management
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Solutions for RCM Companies:
Solutions for LTC Companies:

Solutions for LTC Companies:

LTC RCM & Billing
LTC Pharmacy Billing
Finance & Accounting
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