Healthcare AR Management

Healthcare Claims Follow Up Services to Improve Cash Flow and Increase Bottom Line

Promantra understands that in the healthcare practice, every dollar not billed and every dollar not collected impacts the bottom line directly. Based on our findings, we have aligned our resources and our delivery model to maximize revenues for practices across the healthcare industry in the United States.

  • 14% of all claims submitted to the payers are denied and have to be re-submitted, appealed or written off by providers.
  • 50% of denied claims are never re-filed
  • 50-70% of denied claims have higher chances of being recovered

This can cost millions of dollars a year for a clinic or a practice.

With highly skilled associates and cutting-edge technology, Promantra can enhance provider’s revenue and sequentially increase the organization’s bottom line by payment processing, better Healthcare AR management by reducing turnaround days, claims submission improving collection ratio and increase the probability of payment through timely follow-up.

Optimizing Your Healthcare Accounts Receivable Management

We have certified billers who are heading our team with a minimum of 8 years experience, while the team’s average experience counts 5 years. We provide aggressive follow-ups with insurance companies, on all accounts, at any stage of the aging bucket.

With a robust system and impeccable delivery model, we provide you with:

  • Improved cash flow & increased revenue for the provider
  • Increase in the organization’s bottom-line
  • Timely claim submission
  • Higher collection ratio
  • Superior customer satisfaction with structured follow-up approach to accounts receivables

Prioritization Of Claims Follow Up Plan

The priority of the claims follow-up will be based on the following:

  • High dollar high age – These claims would be processed on priority as the claims need to be followed up before we exceed the filing limit.
  • High dollar low age – Next focus would be on high dollar claims with low age as the chances of the collection are higher.
    Low dollar low age – These claims have a higher probability of collection.
  • However, need many more resources to follow-up
    Low dollar high age – These claims are given last priority as these claims have fewer chances of collection and need a high number of resources to follow-up.
  • Promantra deploys enough resources to allow claim and AR follow up on all the above 4 categories simultaneously.
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