Healthcare AR Management


Boosting Your Bottom Line:
Promantra’s Healthcare Claims Follow-Up Services


In the healthcare industry, every dollar not billed or not collected directly impacts the bottom line of practices. Promantra recognizes this financial challenge and has tailored its resources and delivery model to maximize revenues for healthcare providers across the United States.

This loss in revenue can add up to millions of dollars each year for clinics and practices.

How Promantra Enhances Healthcare Revenue


Leveraging a team of highly skilled associates and cutting-edge technology, Promantra is well-equipped to enhance a provider’s revenue, ultimately increasing the organization’s bottom line. We achieve this by optimizing payment processing, implementing effective Healthcare Accounts Receivable (AR) management practices, reducing turnaround days, enhancing claims submissions, improving collection ratios, and increasing the likelihood of payment through timely follow-up.


Benefits of Our Services


Improved Cash Flow & Increased Revenue

Our approach directly translates into improved cash flow and increased revenue for healthcare providers. By identifying and resolving issues at each stage of the revenue cycle, we ensure that money doesn’t slip through the cracks.


Enhanced Bottom-Line

By recouping denied claims and accelerating the collection process, we significantly contribute to boosting the organization’s bottom line. This increase in profitability can be a game-changer for healthcare practices.


Timely Claim Submission

We prioritize the timely submission of claims to minimize delays in processing, which in turn improves cash flow and the likelihood of prompt payment.


Higher Collection Ratio

Our proven strategies result in a higher collection ratio. This means that more of your claims are successfully converted into payments, ensuring that your revenue is maximized.


Superior Customer Satisfaction

Our structured follow-up approach to accounts receivables guarantees that you maintain superior customer satisfaction. Patients and partners will appreciate your commitment to efficiently managing billing and claims.


Prioritization Of Claims Follow-Up Plan


Our priority in claims follow-up is categorized as follows


High Dollar High Age

Claims in this category are prioritized because they must be followed up on before reaching the filing limit. Timely action is crucial for the best chance of recovery.


High Dollar Low Age

Next in line are high-dollar claims with low age. These claims are given attention due to their higher chances of collection.


Low Dollar Low Age

While they have a higher probability of collection, low-dollar claims of low age require more resources for effective follow-up.


Low Dollar High Age

Claims in this category are given the lowest priority, as their chances of collection are lower. They also demand a substantial allocation of resources for follow-up.

Promantra is well-prepared to handle claim and AR follow-up across all four categories simultaneously. Our dedication to optimizing the revenue cycle and enhancing your bottom line is unwavering. With our support, you can confidently manage healthcare claims, streamline operations, and achieve the financial success your practice deserves.
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