Eligibility Verification

Eligibility Verification

Patient Eligibility and Benefits Verification Services to

Increase Revenue by Reducing Ineligibility


Over 50% of all healthcare face claims denial because patients fail to clear eligibility verification for billed services. Patient Eligibility Verification is an often-neglected yet crucial aspect of the revenue cycle. Many claims are denied due to patients’ ineligibility, often because of policy changes or terminations.

Promantra is your solution to significantly increase revenue by reducing ineligibility. We understand the problems that stem from inadequate eligibility and benefit verification, including delayed payments, errors, unpaid claims, and patient dissatisfaction.

Promantra offers a remotely hosted Eligibility Verification solution for hospitals and medical practices. Our expert staff, accessible through a toll-free number, work diligently to provide high-quality, cost-effective patient insurance eligibility services.

Promantra can help practices significantly increase their revenue by reducing the ineligibility.

Numerous problems occur due to the lack of proper eligibility and benefit verification. These include delayed payments, increased errors, nonpayment of claims and patient dissatisfaction. To avoid these problems, Promantra provides a remotely hosted solution for Eligibility Verification at Hospitals and Medical Practices. Promantra deploys expert staff, accessible via a toll-free number, and working remotely with the objective of delivering high-quality cost effective patient insurance eligibility and related services.

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