Data Entry

HealthCare Data Entry

Data to be managed grows along with the growth of any business or organization. Data processing and management has to be done efficiently and in a timely manner. This is a business process that can be conveniently outsourced by organizations looking to improve operational efficiency while at the same time, saving time and money.

Healthcare data entry demands precision and accuracy. Based on project specifications and client requirements, we use the latest technology to provide quality services. All information about the patient, chart information, appointments, account information, insurance, claims details, admission, diagnosis, doctor's notes, billing, and reimbursement databases have to be documented. Our experts meticulously collect information from the medical forms, reports, charts, or other relevant medical documents and perform data entry to manage all this information efficiently.

We have an experienced team of medical data entry professionals to carry out the process. They understand the importance of the confidentiality when it comes to handling medical information, and are trained in matters of security and HIPAA compliance. We can capture, digitize and process data from various sources such as paper, books, e-mails, images, web forms, hard copies and more. We can work with both electronic and printed data, streamlining your data processing tasks and improve the overall functioning of your organization.

As professional Healthcare Back Office Services company, Promantra offers Healthcare data entry solutions for a wide range of records, which include:

The Healthcare data entry services that Promantra provides ensure that your complex documentation tasks get done on time and without errors. Below are some of the other benefits:

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