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Optimize Revenue with Precision Medical Coding: A Gateway to Maximum Reimbursement

We ensure precise medical coding, minimizing denials and maximizing reimbursement for healthcare providers. Rely on our expertise for efficient and accurate coding services, optimizing revenue management. Choose us for excellence in coding solutions.


Healthcare companies trust us for Revenue Cycle Management Services since 2003


Consistently maintaining AR days below 35 days for all our customers


Our average clean claim rate is greater than 99%


Revenue Recovered After Optimizing RCM Activities

Reduce denials, boost revenue! Contact us to learn how our medical coding experts can support your success.
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Optimize Your Coding Workflow with Our Tailored Solutions

Customized Medical Coding Solutions:

Our medical coding services, designed for flexibility and customization, align with specific healthcare provider needs. As a leading medical coding company, we adapt swiftly to industry changes, ensuring compliance in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Comprehensive Training Programs:

Committed to excellence, we offer healthcare providers specialized training programs, enhancing collaboration between our expert team and yours. Trust us for outsourced medical coding, benefiting from continuous education and tailored solutions.

Dedicated Customer Support:

Beyond service delivery, we provide dedicated customer support, fostering a strong partnership. Choose us for medical coding outsourcing, gaining a reliable partner dedicated to your success.

Advanced Security Measures:

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we implement advanced security measures in medical coding to safeguard sensitive patient information, ensuring confidentiality standards.

Efficient Claims Processing:

Apart from accurate coding, we excel in efficient claims processing, minimizing delays and optimizing cash flow for healthcare providers. Outsource medical coding to us for streamlined revenue cycle management.

Strategic Reporting Insights:

Access detailed reports and analyses for strategic insights into your coding requests. Our advanced technology provides real-time updates and tracking, empowering data-driven decisions to optimize your healthcare operations.

Why Prefer Our Services?

Proven Track Record:

Our methodology, adhering to industry standards, has significantly increased revenue and reduced denials for clients across the U.S.

Quality You Can Trust:

We maintain the highest quality standards using the latest technology and strictly follow HIPAA regulations.

Strengths of Our Coding Services:

AAPC-certified coders with five years of experience, specializing in surgical coding, actively enhance your documentation for accurate coding.

Surgical Coding Specialization:

Our coders specialize in various surgical fields, ensuring accurate coding for each clinical subspecialty.

No More Coding Backlogs:

Experience fewer denials and optimized reimbursement with a guaranteed accuracy rate of 98% or higher.

Access to Detailed Reports:

Advanced technology provides real-time updates, tracking, and detailed reports for data-driven decisions.

Our Commitment:

Committed to continuous improvement, providing fast and efficient medical coding outsourcing services for optimal healthcare support.

Trusted Industry Name:

Recognized as a top medical coding company, our offshore solutions deliver quality and cost-effectiveness.

Make Us Your Choice

Trust Promantra for streamlined medical coding services, ensuring accuracy, reducing denials, and optimizing reimbursement. Experience the efficiency of our medical coding outsourcing, allowing you to concentrate on providing exceptional patient care while we expertly handle the intricacies of coding.

Client Success Stories

A hospital's aging days reduced from 165 days to 42 days and an additional 9% revenue was collected from 365+ AR amounting to $340K in 90 Days.
A surgery center based out of ldaho saw an increase of 23% in revenue just by fixing eligibility and prior authorization issues.

About Promantra

We are a leading revenue cycle management company with more than two decades of experience in providing RCM services to healthcare companies. We are an ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and a HIPAA Compliant organization.

We have a team of 350+ experienced professionals who help our clients with medical transcription, prior authorization, medical coding, claims and denial management, and revenue recovery challenges every day.

We are a preferred revenue cycle management outsourcing partner for over 100+ RCM companies, hospitals, independent clinics, and LTC (long term care) companies.

Are You Ready to Minimize Denials and Maximize Revenue?

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