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Overwhelmed by Healthcare RCM? Promantra Can Help You Improve Your Revenue & Financial Outcomes

If you are one of those who are trying to perfect things in your Healthcare RCM – Revenue Cycle Management and are having to manage multiple process and not seeing the deserved result, you should spend time in reading this.

Over the years, a lot has changed in Healthcare RCM – Revenue Cycle Management including Medical Coding and obviously you are expected to keep up with it. Practically speaking, unless you have an approach that adapts to the changes in the Healthcare RCM Industry, you current process will not survive too long. As a result, you will get yourself caught with many issues like the ones mentioned below.

  • Trying to keep up with timely filing limits and are maintaining too many trackers
  • Unable to set priorities
  • Lack of financial visibility in RCM
  • Keeping up with payer changes
  • Keeping up with industry changes
  • Lack of time in following up on your AR and Denials
  • Taking what’s being paid by the insurance instead of contesting to get paid for what you deserve
  • Too many billing and coding errors
  • Unable to dedicate time patients deserve resulting in dis-satisfaction
  • Incorrect prior-auth resulting in patient payments and dis-satisfaction
  • and the list goes on…

These are some of the challenges highlighted. However, you might also have some unique issues that are not in the list but may be in loss of revenue.

You are not alone. Over the years, we have seen many healthcare facilities having many such issues and were unable to consolidate the process and make the process effective. Instead, as more and more changes come in the Healthcare industry, the situation gets bad to worse.

Promantra has a dedicated team to look into all these challenges individually and attack the problem at the root and get your process to steady state first and grow. We have designed our RCM function in a manner that is adaptable to any type of facility and is able to keep up with industry changes with ease. Our Healthcare RCM – Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Coding functions are designed to suit the needs of each customer as we believe each customer is unique and the challenges they have are also unique. Hence, we put in the best we have to offer, assess the current process, develop new & sustainable workflows to be adopted, assess gaps if any and implement strategies to rectify them permanently.

Take advantage of our 14 years of experience in Healthcare RCM – Revenue Cycle Management Services and see a clear improvement in your Revenue & Financial Outcomes. Contact Promantra today for an analysis on your Medical Billing, Medical Coding and AR & Denial Management, identify how you are doing compared to industry standards and key performance indicators and how we can help you improve your process further and collect more.

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