ICD 10 coding services

ICD-10 Coding Services

Very soon, medical coding in the United States will change drastically. The International Classification of Diseases 10th Edition, ICD-10 will be implemented. The new Coding system has nearly 5 times the codes compared to the old ICD-9 set making it more descriptive and more accurate describing the inpatient procedures and diagnoses. The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will definitely require a significant system change throughout the industry and will also have an impact on the healthcare facilities.

This said, ICD-10 is not just a coding conversion but a wave of activities that need to be taken care right from training, certification, software to delivery. Thus this requires a multi-dimensional strategy to ensure that the healthcare organizations are fully geared up to manage the change well. Promantra offers a wide range of ICD-10 services to assist a client with all aspects of transition with an emphasis on streamlining the current processes and at the same time maintaining the productivity.

Promantra ICD-10 Services Include:

ICD-9/ICD-10 Dual Coding Services: Promantra can provide you with skilled ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding professionals to supplement the staff requirements before during and after implementation to ensure there is not a disruption in production and to avoid unbilled AR. This exercise of dual coding has been adopted by a large group of healthcare organizations to not only avoid future risks under ICD-10 but also existing risks under ICD-9.

ICD-10 Readiness Assessments: The timeline for ICD-10 is getting shorter every day. The preparation of ICD-10 starts with and assessment of your organization's current situation including, number of existing resources, inter-connected systems within the organization, budgeting and training. Whether you are just getting started, or if you have already started looking at your transition plans, a clear strategy will always bring in a smooth transition.

ICD-10 Coding Services: Post implementation of ICD-10, the Healthcare industry will see a sea of change. One of the major challenge will be to find the resources and manpower required for ICD-10. As there is a significant leap in the code volume and the coding structure in ICD-10, the healthcare organization need to equip their coders with a tool to maintain the productivity and accuracy. Contact Promantra today for all your ICD-10 transition needs.