Healthcare Quality Management Service

Business Framework, Quality and maintaining healthcare quality management:

We have developed an Integrated Management System designed to meet all requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013. We have adopted elements of other recognized standards like COPC and CMMI while building our Integrated Management System.

Promantra's Integrated Management System:

Promantra's integrated management system

Highlights of Our Business Framework:

Performance Management of all business processes - Typical measures involved in most of our delivery processes are:

Healthcare Quality Management:

Our service delivery quality control process involves identifying and monitoring key process parameters of all client processes.

Audits are conducted prior to service delivery where required. Detected defects are studied and rectified. Where applicable, contingent on process stability and capability and Root Cause Analysis are carried out. Appropriate corrective and/or preventive actions are taken.

Process Dashboards (Web-based MIS) :

All process performance measures are captured in process dashboards available to our clients that help summarize the stability and capability of the process at any given point in time.

Historical information for any given time period pertaining to the health of our processes is also made available to our clients.

Application of Statistics:


We are an ISO 27001:2013 certified company and are recognized as an Information Security Organization from April 2005.

Information Security Management in Promantra has been designed to manage sensitive information. We have defined and implemented policies and procedures that protect our business assets (anything of value to our organization, clients and other stakeholders). We ensure that our security solutions support robust, secure network infrastructures to protect our business assets for effective and efficient service delivery as well as business continuity.

Compliance to ISO 27001:2013 enables compliance with important elements in parallel industry standards such as those required under HIPAA.

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