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nTelagent Teams With Promantra to Offer a Complete Healthcare RCM Solutions

New Jersey, USA and Hyderabad, India | Nov-2011

Promantra and nTelagent have partnered to offer acute care providers a streamlined platform to manage their entire revenue cycle processes, beginning with pre-registration and ending with final claim resolution. nTelagent, Inc., a leader in pre-registration and point-of-service payment solutions for acute care providers across the U.S., and Promantra, Inc., a leading revenue cycle management company specializing in medical transcription, medical coding, and billing and claims management, have joined forces to offer a complete revenue cycle management platform for acute care providers.

“Our partnership will allow acute care providers to work with a single vendor to handle their entire revenue cycle process, from pre-registration, to payment and claims management,” Earl Winter, nTelagent CEO, said. “This will empower them to create more efficient processes and improve their revenue cycle, and, most importantly, allow them to increase focus on their primary mission, Patient Care.”

“Healthcare reimbursement requirements are constantly changing,” Terry Kile, Promantra VP of Sales, said. “It is an immense task for acute care providers to keep up with the changes in reimbursement, and ignoring that responsibility completely drains the facility of its revenue stream. nTelagent and Promantra’s collaboration enables acute care facilities to excel in revenue cycle management from pre-registration through final claim resolution.”

Both Promantra and nTelagent are focused on providing high-quality solutions to customers and are accustomed to handling the challenges that come with the new world of healthcare payments, including reimbursement changes and ever-increasing patient-due amounts.

Winter continued, “Thanks to this new partnership, our patient access and business office professionals have the tools they need from start to finish. With nTelagent, they can begin the registration process, including upfront collections, efficiently and correctly, and with Promantra, they can handle the middle and end of the revenue cycle process to ensure maximum results.”

“Acute care financial service professionals have a demanding position. Our teamwork will minimize the number of vendors necessary to achieve a high-value revenue cycle, improve internal accountability and streamline the entire process,” Kile concluded.

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About Promantra

Promantra’s comprehensive solutions in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) increase and streamline compliance while saving medical facilities money. Promantra’s proven capabilities accelerate the revenue cycle to increase productivity, speed payments, decrease costs and improve patient service. In addition, Promantra’s experienced health-care team analyzes Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) and claims and acts immediately to recover the due amount. All of which means health care facilities can focus on the core business – providing better health care. Promantra has successfully transitioned multiple accounts across various states and platforms to improve collections, operating margins, and reduced A/R days.

About nTelagent, Inc.

nTelagent’s total point-of-service solution, the Retail Application for Healthcare, guides patient access staff through each patient encounter via real-time, customized scripts. From insurance verification to payment processing, registration is fast, simple and accurate for all patients: insured, uninsured and those qualifying for financial assistance. nTelagent’s clients increase upfront cash and cash on hand, reduce AR days and bad debt, reduce or eliminate back-end denials, and follow consistent practices on all registrations. Online:

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