News: Promantra’s Revamped Website

Promantra website has a new look now.

New Jersey, USA and Hyderabad, India | Apr-2014

Yes, we are getting better! This is your first view of our new website.

Promantra Inc today announced the launch of its rebranded website The website currently has a visitor based of over ten thousand visitors per month and Promantra aims at doubling this count by its rebranding strategies. The new look to the website is a step towards re-positioning its services in the healthcare RCM market. The site clearly embarks the services provided under different verticals, i.e., for Medical Billing companies and Long Term Care companies. The site also hosts a blog that provides abundant information and knowledge on every changing healthcare industry.

Promantra is focused towards maintaining a strong presence in the healthcare market and the new website is a definite step towards that goal.

We hope this will bring a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to our business and will interest the healthcare companies like never before.

We would love to hear from you on suggestions for improvement.

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