Physical Therapy Medical Billing


Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services


For physical therapists dedicated to restoring mobility and function, navigating the intricacies of medical billing can feel like an additional hurdle. ProMantra steps in as your trusted partner, offering comprehensive Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services to streamline your revenue cycle and free you to focus on what matters most – your patients.


What is Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services?


Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services encompass the complete spectrum of administrative and financial tasks involved in billing for services rendered by physical therapists. This includes:


Claim submission and management:

Submitting accurate and complete claims electronically to various insurance companies and managing the entire claim lifecycle, including follow-up and appeals.


Medical coding:

Precisely assigning CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 codes to procedures and diagnoses, ensuring accurate reimbursement and compliance with evolving regulations.


Insurance eligibility verification:

Proactively verifying patient insurance eligibility and benefits to minimize claim denials due to coverage issues.


Prior authorization services:

Securing essential approvals from insurance companies for covered procedures, minimizing treatment delays and ensuring prompt care.


Patient billing and collections:

Providing clear and concise patient statements, managing inquiries and disputes, and implementing ethical collection strategies.


Financial reporting and analysis:

Generating detailed reports on practice performance, providing valuable insights into revenue, expenses, and coding trends.


Services covered under Physical Therapy Billing Services:


While Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services don’t directly “cover” specific diseases, they can be utilized for a wide range of conditions that benefit from physical therapy interventions. Here are some examples:

Musculoskeletal Conditions:

  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis
  • Back pain: Acute or chronic lower back pain, neck pain
  • Joint pain: Knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain
  • Sports injuries: Sprains, strains, tears, fractures
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation: Following orthopedic surgeries, joint replacements
  • Work-related injuries: Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries

Neurological Conditions:

  • Stroke: Recovering balance, coordination, and mobility
  • Multiple sclerosis: Managing spasticity, improving gait and function
  • Parkinson’s disease: Maintaining balance, improving strength and flexibility
  • Spinal cord injuries: Maximizing function and independence

Other Conditions:

  • Cardiopulmonary conditions: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure
  • Vestibular disorders: Dizziness, vertigo, balance problems
  • Lymphedema: Managing swelling after surgery or cancer treatment
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction: Urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence
  • Pain management: Chronic pain syndromes, headaches

It’s important to remember that this is not an exhaustive list, and specific conditions covered will vary depending on the physical therapist’s specialty, insurance plans, and individual patient needs.

We Always suggest to consult with us or your physical therapist or insurance provider to determine if your specific condition qualifies for coverage by your insurance plan.

Why Choose ProMantra for Physical Therapy Billing?


In-depth Expertise in Physical Therapy:

We understand the nuances of physical therapy billing and coding, from intricate treatment plans and diverse diagnoses to specific insurance guidelines. Our certified coders and billing specialists possess specialized knowledge, ensuring accurate and compliant claim submission, maximizing your reimbursements.

Seamless Solutions:

We leverage modern technology and automation to simplify your workflows. Our comprehensive Plastic Surgery Medical Billing Services encompass:

  • Outsource Physical Therapy Billing Services: Relieve your staff of time-consuming administrative tasks by entrusting them to our dedicated team, allowing them to prioritize patient care.
  • Billing Codes for Physical Therapy: Ensure accurate coding with our experts, minimizing claim denials and maximizing reimbursements.
  • Billing for Physical Therapy: We handle all aspects of the billing process, from claim submission to payment posting and follow-up.
  • Physical Therapy Medical Billing Services: Our comprehensive suite covers everything, from coding and claim submission to patient billing and collections.
  • Therapy Billing: Streamline your entire therapy billing process with ProMantra’s expertise.


Trusted Medical Billing Company:

As a leading physical therapy billing company, ProMantra upholds the highest industry standards and ethical practices. We prioritize data security, HIPAA compliance, and transparent communication, giving you peace of mind.


Scalability and Flexibility:

Our billing services for therapists adapt to your practice’s size and needs. We offer customized packages and seamless integration with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal fit.


Unburden Yourself with ProMantra’s Physical Therapy Billing Services:


Outsource Physical Therapy Billing Services:

Free up your staff’s time for direct patient care and focus on patient outcomes by allowing our experts to handle your billing complexities.


Physical Therapy Billing Services:

Ensure accurate coding and timely claim submission with our experienced team, maximizing your reimbursements.


Physical Therapy Billing Company:

Partner with a reliable and trusted therapist billing services provider, focusing on your patients while we manage your revenue cycle.


Best Physical Therapy Billing Services:

Experience the difference with ProMantra’s expertise and dedication to your success.


Billing Physical Therapist:

Eliminate the burden of billing and focus on what you do best – providing exceptional patient care.


Beyond Billing: A Holistic Approach to Your Physical Therapy Practice’s Success:


ProMantra offers more than just billing physical therapy. We are your comprehensive partner in practice optimization:


Practice Management Consulting:

Our experienced consultants provide valuable insights and data-driven recommendations to improve operational efficiency and financial performance.


Marketing and Patient Engagement Solutions:

Attract new patients and strengthen patient relationships with our targeted marketing and engagement strategies.


Technology Solutions:

Leverage our cutting-edge technology platform to streamline workflows, improve communication, and gain valuable data insights.


Partner with ProMantra and Unlock the Full Potential of Your Physical Therapy Practice:


By choosing ProMantra as your physical therapy medical billing services provider, you gain:


Increased Revenue and Reduced Costs:

We ensure accurate coding, timely claim submission, and efficient follow-up, maximizing your reimbursement potential.


Improved Patient Experience:

Minimize billing-related issues and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity:

Free up your staff’s time and resources to focus on core practice functions.


Peace of Mind and Compliance:

Our HIPAA-compliant practices and dedicated support team ensure you can focus on providing exceptional care with confidence.

Ready to simplify your physical therapy billing services and prioritize patient care? Contact ProMantra today for a free consultation and discover how our comprehensive solutions can propel your practice to new heights.

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