5 Key Considerations for Selecting an RCM Outsourced Services Partner

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  • February 29, 2024
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Outsourcing RCM services


Many healthcare organizations are turning to outsourced services to optimize their revenue cycle processes. Selecting the right RCM outsourced services partner is crucial for achieving financial stability and operational efficiency. Here are the five key considerations to keep in mind when choosing an RCM outsourced services partner, highlighting the importance of revenue cycle management in healthcare.


Expertise and Experience: When evaluating RCM outsourced services partners, consider their expertise and experience in the healthcare industry. Look for companies with a proven track record in revenue cycle management, preferably specializing in healthcare. Experienced RCM companies understand the intricacies of the revenue cycle in healthcare and can navigate complex billing and coding requirements effectively.


Promantra has a proven track record of expertise and experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. With years of industry-specific knowledge and a dedicated team of professionals, Promantra understands the intricacies of RCM in medical billing, hospital revenue cycle management, and physician revenue cycle management. Our deep understanding of the revenue cycle in healthcare enables them to navigate complex billing and coding requirements effectively.


Comprehensive Services: Ensure that the RCM outsourced services partner offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Look for services such as medical billing services, medical coding services, claims submission and follow-up, patient billing and collections, and reporting and analytics. A partner that can handle all aspects of the revenue cycle management process will streamline operations and improve financial outcomes.


Promantra offers a comprehensive suite of RCM services tailored to the specific needs of healthcare companies. Our services encompass end-to-end revenue cycle management services, including medical billing, coding, claims submission and follow-up, patient billing and collections, and reporting and analytics. By entrusting these critical functions to Promantra, healthcare companies can streamline their operations and achieve optimal financial outcomes.


Technology and Integration: Evaluate the technology infrastructure and capabilities of the RCM outsourced services partner. The partner should have RCM workflow software and systems that integrate seamlessly with your workflow and practice management systems. This integration ensures efficient data exchange, reduces manual data entry, and minimizes errors.


Promantra embraces advanced technology to deliver efficient and streamlined RCM services. Our Next-Gen RCM Workflow Software RevvPro seamlessly integrates with your current RCM workflow and works as a blanket on top of your existing systems, enabling seamless data exchange and reducing manual data entry. This has helped many of our Practice and hospital clients to get clear visibility on their Revenue Cycle Management. By leveraging technology, Promantra enhances accuracy, efficiency, and data security in the revenue cycle process. Promantra also uses RPA in RCM processes to ensure repetitive tasks are eliminated and thereby increasing productivity of our team.


Compliance and Security: Compliance with healthcare regulations and data security are critical considerations when selecting an RCM Company. Ensure that the partner adheres to industry standards, such as HIPAA, and has robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient information. Regular audits and compliance checks should be part of their standard operating procedures.


Compliance with healthcare regulations and data security are paramount in RCM. Promantra is fully committed to ensuring adherence to industry standards such as HIPAA. We have robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient information, including encryption, access controls, and regular audits. Promantra is also an ISO 27001 certified organization which enables us to be HIPAA Compliant and beyond. By outsourcing RCM services to Promantra, healthcare companies can have peace of mind knowing that their data is secure and handled with the utmost care.


Client References and Success Stories: Request client references and success stories from the RCM outsourced services partner to gauge their performance and client satisfaction. Speak with current or previous clients to understand their experience and the outcomes achieved. Look for partners with a proven track record of delivering results, improving revenue, reducing claim denials, and enhancing operational efficiency.


Promantra has a strong track record of delivering results and achieving client satisfaction. Our clients have experienced improved revenue, reduced claim denials, enhanced operational efficiency, and elevated patient satisfaction. Promantra’s success stories and client references attest to our commitment to excellence and their ability to drive positive outcomes in healthcare revenue cycle management services. Please refer to our Client Case Studies here.


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In Summary, selecting the right Revenue Cycle Management services company is a critical decision for healthcare organizations. By considering factors such as expertise, comprehensive services, technology integration, compliance, and client references, organizations can find a partner that aligns with their specific needs and goals. Effective revenue cycle management is essential for hospitals, physicians, and healthcare providers to achieve financial stability, optimize revenue, and deliver quality patient care.


Outsourcing RCM Services to Promantra can lead to significant cost savings for healthcare companies. By eliminating the need for expensive technology investments, additional staff hires, and ongoing training and development, Promantra offers a cost-effective solution. Our expertise and streamlined processes result in improved cash flow, reduced billing errors, and minimized claim denials, ultimately leading to financial stability for healthcare companies.


Here’s a quick look at the Key Performance Indicators in RCM and Promantra’s track record on these KPIs we are currently delivering to healthcare companies who to a wise decision to outsource RCM services to Promantra. These are indicative and average numbers. For most of our customers the KPIs look better then what is mentioned below. Overall, Promantra is able to increase it healthcare client’s collections by more than 30% on an average in RCM Services.


RCM Services


By making informed decisions and selecting the right RCM Services Partner, healthcare organizations can streamline operations, improve financial outcomes, and focus on their core mission of providing exceptional patient care.


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